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Healing Myself
December 1, 2009

I sit down to write
To touch my dark emotions
Yet I find a pleasant emptiness.

I thought I would be sad.
I thought I would be angry.
I thought I would be lonely.

Poetry to express this solitude
Poetry to express I miss you
Poetry to express a void in my heart.

I thought I would cry.
I thought I would yell.
I thought I would sleep.

I am happy to be with you
But I didn't realize that because of you
I can be happy without you.

I wait for your call.
I wait to hold your hand.
I wait to hear your voice.

If you called right now
I would be delighted
And I would smile.

I would gladly take your hand
And let you lead me away
To explore one another.

The sound of your voice
Both relaxes and stirs my heart
And I would cuddle up close.

But if these things do not come to pass
And we go our separate ways
This I need you to know:

With you I have rediscovered myself.
With you I am embracing who I am.
With you I am freeing myself.

And for that, if in the end
There is nothing more between us,
I am grateful.

This emptiness is not lonely
It is not sad or hurtful
It is not scary or angry...

It is...Me.
What the future may hold is not yet written, but sometimes the journey is all that matters. This is written for a dear friend of mine...
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Thank you! ^_^
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December 1, 2009
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