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© August 9, 2009

Today I began to see,
Today I began to taste,
Today I began to hear...

Your voice calms my fears,
Your voice excites my desire,
Your mind fascinates me...

Today I began to feel,
Today I began to desire,
Today I began to imagine...

You have woven your spell,
And captured my heart,
You have stirred my soul...

Today I began to understand,
Today I began to believe,
Today I began to live...

I feel my spirit return to me,
I feel the seeds of love begin to bloom,
I feel the wind against my face,
I feel the warmth of the sun...
And smile.

Too long has my heart been hiding,
Where did my dreams lose their way?
Too long has my spirit remained silent,
How did I keep back this passion?

Overwhelmed with emotion,
Overwhelmed with desire,
Overwhelmed with happiness,
And enjoying every moment of it.

As I begin to find myself,
I wonder where I lost the path...

I had closed this chapter once before,
Convinced myself I was content,
Threw my life into a societal role,
And willed myself to forget...

You are unlocking who I am,
And I am discovering myself again,
Living in this moment...
Why did I hide myself away so long?

Nervously, I face the world,
My eyes adjusting to the light,
And I begin to see my reflection,
And smile.
After a long journey into darkness, I begin to wake...with help.
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August 9, 2009
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