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White Rose
December 27-28, 2009

A single white rose
For memories past and yet to come,
Of all the things that could have been.

Whose snowy petals
Lay softly against your cheek
In a gentle caress.

As memories flow
Like cherished treasures
So delicate they can be.

And today I find myself
Staring into the night
Wondering if you know...

As I sleep I feel your touch,
My dreams from a distant time,
Yet not so long ago...

So many hearts you touched,
So gentle a soul,
So passionate to believe...

The snow falls slowly,
Sparkling in the night,
And time passes.

So beautiful yet cold,
The stars against velvet night,
Seem out of reach but stir my heart.

You have always been near...

Soft and kind,
Full of life yet wise,
Loving to all,
Strength you never fully knew,
Thoughtful and just,
Yet laughter filled your soul...

These are the memories I shall keep

Time moves slowly,
But we will meet again.

Still I wonder
Did you know...
To so many lives

You are the white rose?
For George and his family.

George lost his life in a tragic fall just as his life was starting. I have known him and his family my whole life and it has taken a long time for me to deal with his death. I was going to write more...but when it came time to type it out, it felt as if more was unnecessary. May it bring anyone who has lost a loved one hope and healing.
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December 28, 2009
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